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Just a quick message of welcome to all new members, and an introduction to the person who created this forum.

I'm Laurel. I'm going to be 29 in exactly one month, and I'm a plus-size chica. I've been dealing with health issues for a few years, now, that are very likely diet/nutrition related, so I made the decision to make a lifestyle change at the beginning of the year to eat better, and exercise more.

Since making this change and becoming a staunch advocate of HAES (Health At Every Size -- it basically means that you don't have to be a specific size or weight to be healthy and active), I've noticed a lot of anti-weight-loss attitudes among the fat acceptance/size acceptance community. It seems there is a common belief that anyone who loses weight is buying into the Thin Myth (thin is healthy, thin is beautiful, etc.) and is not a member of the FA/SA community at heart. I disagree wholeheartedly with this, and I dislike the second-guessing of motives when an overweight person wishes to improve their health.

Therefore, I started wl_is_not_a_sin to encourage those FA/SA activists and HAES supporters of all sizes to join in a community that encourages health improvement and personal fitness at all sizes. For some people, a decision to live a healthier lifestyle will naturally result in weight loss (I'm one of them, considering how horribly unhealthy my lifestyle has been). For others, weight loss isn't a goal nor is it realistically going to happen. Fitness and healthy lifestyles are encouraged here (regardless of, not because of, weight management issues) at all ages, at all sizes.

Please join us - share your thoughts, share your experiences, share your struggles, share your goals, share your accomplishments, share articles, share studies, share yourself!
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