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So Terribly Annoying..

I resisted the urge to virtually/verbally bite someone's head off today when I read a little mini whiny rant about how fat people must loathe themselves for getting so "dangerously overweight." I don't expect the person in question to respond to any of the points raised against his assertion, as I'm growing more certain that they're trolling the forums in question, so I figured I'd write here, instead.

The question was raised: Why do fat people say they love their bodies? How can they love their bodies if they let their bodies get into that condition? The unspoken question: How can a fat person love their body if I find it so disgusting?

My Answer:

I love my body, because despite almost three decades of self-loathing heaped upon its shoulders, it has stayed unbowed and unwilling to back down from a challenge.

I love my body, because even though medical science has determined that I'm morbidly obese (morbidly! does that mean I should be dead already?), I can still push myself farther physically through strength and endurance than many people HALF my size.

I love my body, because it allows me to create works of art.

I love my body, because it has allowed me to excellently play and sing great pieces of music, with power and passion.

I love my body, because I have finely toned calves whose strong muscles readily define themselves when I flex.

I love my body, because despite the amount of flesh underneath the skin, I can still flex and feel growing, strong muscles beneath in almost every part of my body.

I love my body, because it allows me to serve others.

I love my body, because it allows me to physically love others.

I love my body, because it often takes the initiative and starts dancing without me.

Why do YOU love your body?
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